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Despite the fact that our city and region are especially safe, given the exceptional situation we are experiencing caused by Covid-19 around the world, at Apartamentos La Casa del Aceite we have prepared a plan to guarantee the maximum safety of our guests by applying the necessary prevention protocols.


We are a company committed to the well-being of all our guests. With the aim of maintaining this commitment and your peace of mind, we want to share with you some of the measures we have taken following the recommendations of health experts, health authorities and the World Health Organization.


As an additional note we would like to point out that some of the measures listed here were already being carried out regularly in our apartments.


We apply advanced cleaning and sanitation  routines for each room following a strict process to ensure that everything is impeccable

Linen and towels professionally washed at high temperature by supplier with hygiene certificate

We eliminate unnecessary textiles and the essential ones are cleaned and sanitized (sofas and curtains)

We leave recommended security time between each stay

We only use disinfectants approved by the health authorities

High temperature sterilization of dishes and utensils and protection with a hygienic bag

Complimentary cleaning kit with products included

We replace paper guides and manuals with improved electronic versions

Common Areas

Cleaning and sanitising of all contact surfaces

Desinfectant doormat for shoes at the entrance

Sanitization stations distributed by the zones of transit

Patio tables reserved for each apartment exclusively

We temporarily eliminate luggage storage room and common areas bathroom, in exchange we facilitate late check-out whenever possible.

Specific rules for the use of the elevator and regular sanitization

We distribute occupied apartments as far apart as possible for your comfort

Capacity limited by zones


All our staff is trained to ensure compliance with all safety and hygiene protocols

Mandatory use of face masks

Protection screen at reception

Safety distance

Temperature check at the beginning of each shift

Constant hands higiene and use of gloves for handling documents and devices


Prioritizing hygiene and safety, we try to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible

We recycle plastic, paper and cardboard separately

We avoid using unnecessary harmful gases

Use of UV light to sanitize keys and other reception objects.

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